More Great Work Being Done

More amazing work being done by Grove employees. Last week a lot of South Carolina was hit by devastating tornados, the last thing we needed with everything else happening. Nick Merritt, a Grove salesman and employee of many years went out into the havoc and did his part to clean up.

He is close friends with the Executive Director at Pathway Hospice and they put a crew together to go into the community and assist for two days. The first day they helped friends and the second they drove around helping random people in need.

Not only did Grove reps visit Pathway but also caravanned through The Springs of Fountain Inn, Quillen Manon and Fountain Inn H&R to offer some comfort and joy to quarantined seniors. We helped to make a lot of people smile and feel very good!

Nick Merritt was even able to get both the Chick-Fl-A cow and Elvis to the event! Everyone had a blast!

Grove is here to cover all of your healthcare needs and beyond!

This is the Grove Med Difference!

Grove Employees Doing What We Can To Help!

More great work being done by Grove employees: Karlyn East, one of our Virginia salesman, provided sodas and energy drinks for South Roanoke Nursing Home staff lunches this week. American Healthcare resource center staff cooked the food. Was a great team effort and we were able to treat some front-liners to a nice lunch.

It’s an honor to help out in any way we can during these times! We are here for you and are working diligently to ensure you get the items and care you need.

Analysis: PPE costs increase over 1,000% during COVID-19 crisis

Please take a look at this important article.

Feel Good Stories

101-Year-Old Spanish Flu and World War 2 Survivor Has Now Beat COVID-19 As Well


Who Wore It Best?

Amidst all of the heaviness surrounding the corona virus, we thought it might be nice to lighten the mood for a moment. Below you’ll find a young Scott Williams (our President) and a young Forest Reynolds (Grove salesman) rocking some incredible afros! The question is.. who wore it best!? Enjoy


Employees of the Year!

Join us in a very special congratulations to Melissa Hardin and Mark Topp, our 2019 Employees of the Year! We are very proud to have such amazing employees throughout our company!


Corona Virus Update:

As your Medical Supply Distributor we wanted to give you an update on the Coronavirus and associated medical product supplies. As you have seen on news and media outlets it appears with speculation we may be headed for a COVID-19 outbreak in the US. The best solutions for prevention are outlined on the website as well as the website.

We have posted information on our website (, and through our customer service teams, we have been fulfilling orders on a pro-rata basis. This is based on your previous purchased amounts for Infection control items. We have not sold product to anyone outside of our current customer base. This will not get better before it gets worse. The majority of these items are manufactured in China and while the factories are up and running the production volume has slowed down until the workforce is back to full strength. Once the volume has resumed, it is 15 to 30 days at sea for cargo tankers to deliver product to our ports.

We feel the availability of some items will evaporate before replenishment can support the US volume again. We will do everything possible to get your residents and patients product. We have heard hospitals will come first for replenishment from our manufacturer partners and the Government. We have also heard from our shipping carriers that if the government declares containment shutdown in specific areas they will not ship product directly into those areas. While this is not great news we want you to be prepared and as informed as possible.

We will keep updated information posted on our website as well as keep our sales team up to speed to better guide you on any changes and information as we learn more.

Thank you for your business and support during this challenging supply interruption.


We had an amazing time at the North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association #NCHCFA this week! We met with some fantastic people and always enjoy getting together with our colleagues. This was the 65th year they did the Expo and it was an honor to be a part of it. Thank you to everyone who came by the booth!

Amazing Work by Grove Employee

This is the Grove Med Difference!

Amazing work being done by Grove’s Inventory Coordinator and Trainer, Lindsey Edens.

We appreciate you Lindsey and are so grateful to have employees like you who put in the time and effort and do such quality business.



Grove trucks in action today and everyday! We are having a great week here in Greenville and hope you are as well!