Happy Birth-iversaries!

May is here and we’re getting geared up to celebrate more birthdays and anniversaries for our Grove Family!


Rupert Hawks, Florida Territory Manager 5/5
Michael Laico, VP of Operations 5/6
Mike Merritt, CEO 5/14
John King, Florida Territory Manager 5/19
Dyann Lamar, Credit/Collections Manager 5/19
Jim Migacz, Warehouse 5/24
Shannon Chitty, Clinical Nursing Consultant 5/29


Pat Blackwell, Senior Accountant 5/19, 3 years
Terry Melton, Georgia Territory Manager 5/31, 6 years
Elaine Bell, Customer Service Rep 5/7, 4 years
Anne Simpson Brooks, A/R Associate 5/19, 3 years
Barbara Winn, Customer Service Rep 5/19, 3 years
Lisa Phillips, Assistant 5/29, 3 years
Corderiette Calhoun, Warehouse 5/23, 1 year

Join me in wishing them all a happy birthday or anniversary, they’re part of the team that sets us a cut above!

The Healthcare Note by Grove Medical


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