Running Like Crazy

Well we’ve just returned from the South Carolina Health Care Association Convention and Trade Show and man were we busy!

Grove takes tremendous pride in being a partner that brings new and innovative products to our marketplace and again we did just that.

This year we highlighted a brand new product from Blue Chip Medical that is designed to both prevent and treat pressure ulcers.  For us this meant that there wasn’t a moments rest on the trade show floor, for you this meant you were again gaining insight into one of the years most innovative products.  The Airus Fluidized Air Mattress System accomplishes therapy  by diminishing surface pressures below capillary closing pressure which improves blood flow to the skin, reduces pain and accelerates healing.  Actually the National Center for Biotechnology Information findings suggest that air-fluidized beds are more effective than conventional therapy, particularly for large pressure sores.

There are other products out there, some of which have been around for quite some time.  The edge this model  has over its competition is that it performs at the same level yet  is very cost effective.  I strongly suggest you contact your Grove Medical representative for a live demo and to discuss pricing, this product could set you apart from your competition just as it has done for us!

The Healthcare Note by Grove Medical


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