How do we fit in?

We are in the business of medical supply distribution; what that means is we buy direct from manufacturers and ship those products to our customers.  We are the healthcare industry’s partner and supply chain expert that helps support patient care, manage costs and ensure efficient access to essential products.  As it is often said we are not on the “sexy” side of healthcare, but we are essential to healthcare.

HIDA, the Health Industry Distributors Association, says we:

  • Reduce the number of vendor transactions in the healthcare supply chain
  • Deliver medical products quickly and reliably
  • Respond to healthcare provider questions
  • Share expertise on healthcare supply and logistics issues
  • Mitigate “minimum order” requirements for healthcare providers
  • Build relationships with healthcare facilities and caregivers
  • Serve as a tracking and audit point for transactions
  • Promote environmental conservation through fuel conservation and recycling

At Grove we’re happy to be a part of the healthcare supply chain.  We take pride in what we do and how we do it and would love to show you the Grove Medical difference!

The Healthcare Note by Grove Medical


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