Let’s Improve Revenues, Inventory Control and Ordering

With talk of cutbacks on the way and budgets tightening up in the healthcare field its more important than ever to provide top notch care while watching every dollar being spent. As your distribution partner and supply chain expert we want to help you manage your inventory and ordering process while providing an easy and innovative way to capture your resident charges.

To accomplish this Grove developed a software package several years ago, Tracer, as an easy to use inventory and patient charge tracking system that also manages your orders; today we have almost 80 active installations.  It’s a very user friendly system that utilizes time-stamped barcode scans to track when product is used with each particular patient.  It offers flexibility in reporting capabilities, customizable file exports that can be imported into your accounting software, electronic ordering based off usage, formulary compliance and is HIPAA compliant.

Grove offers this value-added software to its customers free of charge with free on-site installation, training and retraining.  We also have a toll-free dedicated help desk number, (866) 675-9541 and GoToAssist support.  Please contact Brian Snelgrove for further information.

The Healthcare Note by Grove Medical


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