Website Upgrade to Grove Medical!

We updated our website recently and added a brand new, custom feature at checkout that brings you what you want…the right ship to address quickly!  Based on customer feedback one area of our website that needed improvement was the Ship To Look Up function at checkout.  We listened to your needs and produced a great new way that saves you both time and effort!

The next time you’re on our website placing an order and are about to checkout you’ll notice this new search box:

To use this feature select what you’d like to search by (don’t forget to set your default of ID, Name, Street, City, State or Zip if you prefer on search type over another) and then start typing in the text box.  The more you enter the more the website narrows your search.  Once you find who or where you need simply select the address by clicking on it and there you go.

At Grove we love what we do and we strive to provide a level of customer service that you won’t find anywhere else.  We hope you find this enhancement very useful and we’re always open to further suggestions so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Healthcare Note by Grove Medical


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