Upgrades to Attends Products

More than 30 years ago Attends created the Adult Incontinence product category.  Today they’re still making improvements to their products to bring you some of the best offerings the market has to offer.  As your medical supply distribution partner we take it upon ourselves to keep you informed about these changes to the products you use and to offer further insight and support.

With that said we wanted to pass along an update from Attends on upcoming improvements to their Fastening Tape System and  Dry-Wipes.  These upgrades help their products perform better and increases their brand’s strength, take a look below to see what’s on the horizon:

 1.   Better Tape Fastening System

  • Products Impacted:  BRBX20, BRBX25, BRBX30, BRBX40, BRB20, BRB25, BRB30, BRB3096, BRB40, BRB4096, BRBC20, BRBC25, BRBC30, BRBC3096, BRBC40, BRBC4096
  • Attends is pleased to announce a new, better design of fastening tape system.
  • Benefits:
    • Greater Security-Tape tabs are meant to secure the brief. Better adhesion allows users to have a greater sense of security while wearing our breathable brief products. 
    • Less Flagging-The new style tab has repositioned 80% of the adhesive away from the finger lift and eliminated 50% of the long release tape portion of the tab. This reduces the prevalence of open tapes in the production process ensuring a more consistent product to customers and consumers.
    • Glove Friendly-The new style tab maintains our industry-leading Comfort-Flex tape design while limiting the concern of tab adhesive sticking to caregivers’ glove.

2.  New Packaging for Quickable Dry Wipes

  • Products Impacted:  2500, 2503
  • The printing on the inner bags of our dry wipes have changed from green to Attends® Blue.
  • Benefits:
    • Stronger Brand – Following the re-launch of the Attends brand in the summer of 2010, Attends has continued to find ways to strengthen their message in the Adult Incontinence category. Standardizing this message and updating packaging helps reinforce this effort and provides better value and consumer loyalty for those you serve.
If any of these changes affects you, your business or your loved one please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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