NASVH Summer Conference

We’ve just returned from the NASVH Summer Conference in Burlington, VT and had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

I have to say that it’s so great to be surrounded by folks who’s primary focus is caring for those who have served our great country!  We take tremendous pride in being a medical supply distribution partner for several of the State Veterans Homes and in showcasing new and innovative products to help provide outstanding care.

This year we highlighted the Aeda Aeria 8Pro mattress replacement system, a product that many of our customers have had great success with in both preventing and healing pressure ulcers.  But don’t just take our word for it, please click here to review its clinical report and contact us for success stories.

Another piece of information that will be of interest to you is cost savings.  If you’re renting Group II surfaces to reduce the likelihood of or heal pressure ulcers you could save thousands of dollars a month by purchasing this mattress.  Alternately the 8Pro is very competitively priced so it’ll be worth your while to do a cost comparison to what you’re currently buying.  Please contact your Sales or Customer Service Representative for more information.

Again we’d like to say that it’s an honor to work with the State Veterans Homes, we truly appreciate what you do and our partnerships.  Keep up the great work!

The Healthcare Note by Grove Medical


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