August Birthdays and Anniversaries

I want to apologize for not getting this out before August began…vacation tends to get in the way of things!  Here are the Grove Family anniversaries and birthdays!


Jerry Barrow, Sales Representative, 8/1, 9 years
Terry Edens, Customer Service Representative, 8/7, 3 years
Bryan Sisler, Warehouse, 8/27, 1 years


Kay Brown, Receptionist, 8/1
Mike Dobbins, Warehouse, 8/5
Oliver Lollis, State Contract Service Manager, 8/8
Sherlon Tench, Purchasing Agent, 8/11
Gerald Martin, Sales Representative, 8/22
Bryan Sisler, Warehouse, 7/30

Take a quick moment with me to wish these fine folks either Happy Birthday or Anniversary!  Have a great day!

The Healthcare Note by Grove Medical


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