How Are Medicare Payment Cuts Going to Effect Skilled Nursing Facilities

According to responses noted in the recent Avalere Health, LLC survey Skilled Nursing Facility Response to FY 2012 Medicare Payment Reductions  patient care will likely take a step back due to reduced staff, postponed facility improvements and reduced therapy.  Avalere Health, LLC received 292 responses representing about 3,000 facilities; virtually all states were represented and the facilities surveyed ranged in size from small (less than 100 beds) to medium (between 100-1000 beds) to large (more than 1000 beds).

Some of the findings from the survey are very alarming: 36.8% of the respondents expect to layoff direct service staff, 23.5% plan to significantly delay or cancel the opening of new facilities and/or expansion of existing facilities and 37% expect to indefinitely postpone or cancel hiring of direct service staff.

With budgets, regulations and uncertainties, it is nice to have a partner that shares the same values; one who is dedicated to providing customer service at the lowest possible price.  Please contact us if we can help you during this turbulent time.

The Healthcare Note by Grove Medical


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