Looking for more FREE Continuing Education Opportunities? Our friends at GOJO are here to help!

Our friends at GOJO came to us and asked a simple question, “what are Long Term Care providers looking for from their partners?”  Based on what we’ve seen and heard in the field our response was that there is a desperate need for  continuing education opportunities at either low or no cost.  Also that these continuing education opportunities need to be easy to earn and help make a difference in their work place.

With that said GOJO has delivered and they’re letting us help bring the opportunity to you!  GOJO, the makers of  and http://www.grovemedical.com/default.aspx?page=item%20search%20results&SearchFieldName=VendorItemSearch&SearchSource=BrandsList&selVendorName=%22Gojo+Industries%2c+Inc.%22&selVendorCode=200192, have created a webinar in conjunction with NADONA/LTC, the National Association of Directors of Nursing for Long Term Care,  on infection prevention.

The webinar, titled Emerging Models of Infection Prevention in Long Term Care, features Deborah Health, RN, BSN and Neal Larson, RN-BC, is an hour long and covers the importance of maintaining a hand hygiene program in the Long Term Care setting.

What makes this CE webinar even better is that it’s totally free.  In order to take this course click here to be redirected and you’re well on your way to earning one free CEU.

For more information on this webinar as well as other opportunities to earn CEUs please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to let you know what we know!

The Healthcare Note by Grove Medical


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