Help for Home Care and Hospice Providers

We know that the primary focus of Home Care and Hospice providers is to provide the best possible care for their patients; we also know that the last thing on their mind is the supply chain.  Luckily we have a solution that focuses on this aspect of your business for you!

Our thought was simple, find a way to have the clinicians who care for patients enter their orders while in the field, have those orders go through a series of checks and balances (set by the providing agency of course) and then deliver the orders directly to the patient’s or clinician’s home the next day.  Then we had another idea, what if we created an interface with agency’s billing software so the orders AND invoices flowed seamlessly between the two companies eliminating double entry.  The solution we created from these ideas is GroveConnect.

The way GroveConnect can help you increase your patient care is by saving your organization both TIME and MONEY.  By implementing this process orders can be placed as your clinicians see their patients (from formularies you put together), you’ll eliminate the need for large medical supply closets and cut out the numerous back and forth trips clinicians make to get supplies.  All of which increase your operational costs.  The feature, however, that sets Grove’s tool apart from others is that you can write your own checks and balances (e.g. only one silver dressing for a patient per week, order value not to exceed $25.00, etc.) and that these rules can be patient specific, product specific, time frame specific and/or a combination of any and all.  If one of these checks and balances are breached an email will be sent to the Clinician Manager to be either approved or declined based on patient need, doctor’s orders, etc.

The beauty of GroveConnect is that it delivers on the features listed above while increasing control through formularies (that’s right you can create as many as you like) and having orders go through a series of checks and balances.  Best of all it reduces the amount of time spent on managing this process leaving more time in the day as well as dollars in the budget to focus on patient care!

Come join Grove and let our technology help you work smarter, not harder. We’re here to help!

The Healthcare Note by Grove Medical


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