Lindsey Edens has been awarded the 2018 Grove Medical Employee of the Year!!

The votes are in and Lindsey Edens has been awarded the 2018 Grove Medical Employee of the Year!!


Lindsey began her career at Grove in July 2011 as a warehouse associate picking and packing orders. Since 2011 Lindsey has become a valuable Grove asset understanding and handling all aspects of the warehouse from receiving to shipping to forklift and cherry picker operation. In November of last year Lindsey was promoted to Trainer/Inventory Coordinator. In this role Lindsey handles all training for the warehouse from new hires to PIT equipment to re-training current employees on process changes as well as required yearly training. Lindsey works hard to ensure Grove is able to meet our commitment to our customers and she exemplifies our mission statement in all that she does through honesty, integrity, commitment and respect to everyone.

Congratulations Lindsey on your well-deserved award!!


85 combined years of service to Grove Medical This Month!!!


85 combined years of service to Grove Medical! This is seriously incredible!! Look at the numbers this month of these amazing employees. Robert Hoyt and Joe Simons with 16 years each. Gerald Martin with 15 years. Shirley Cook with another 12 and Oliver and Shannon nearing the 10 year mark. Our employees make our great engine run and keep the success of our business going! Thank you for all the years of wonderful work!

Grove Celebrates Brian Snelgrove’s 15th Year

Brian Snelgrove! He’s such an integral part of the family, he even has Grove in his name! Working now with IT in software support, Brian has been an amazing employee for 15 years with our company. We celebrate him and his contributions to our workforce! Another employee this year to be with us for 15 years! What an accomplishment! Check out these pictures from through out the years and at his party!

Grove Celebrates Cate Johnson’s 15th Year


Last week Grove had a very special celebration for Cate Johnson, our Financial Accounting and Reporting Manager! She is an incredible employee and an even better person! It’s people like Cate, that give Grove the great name we have! Thank you Cate, for 15 years of amazing service to this business!

(Grove has had three different people celebrate 15 year anniversaries this year, and we have plenty with similar numbers! This speaks volumes about the way we treat employees and the way we conduct business!)

VHCA Awards Banque

Grove representatives looking amazing at the VHCA Awards Banquet! All the way to the Black Tie events, we show up ready for business!!




Grove Supports Good Cause

Here, Grove representatives are being shown in a magazine article! The VHCA PAC Golf tournment is one we support year after year. We are all over the south representing Grove by amazing people!golf


Grove Honors Robert Hoyt and His 15 Years of Service

Here at Grove Medical we truly value the incredible work of our employees. No employee more than Robert Hoyt embodies what doing good business is all about. Robert has risen through the ranks at Grove and now is our Customer Service and Purchasing Manager. He works as hard as anyone and is genuine a man as they come. Robert has an amazing heart and is a true family man! Grove is honored to have people like Robert working for us. It’s the competence and good nature of our employees that make us the success we are!

Enjoy this book we had created to honor Robert being at Grove for 15 years in 2017. We are fun and silly within our family and we love to laugh and create joy within our business! It creates a thriving environment for everyone around us!